Jane Austen 's Novel And The World Of Books

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Novels are a unique form of writing that brings about a new style in the world of books. Novel by its definition is a new kind different from anything ever before. These books range from the greats to the recently printed because novels only have to be new for when they came out. So for instance Pride and Prejudice was novel when it came out in 1813 just like how Mrs. Dalloway was novel when it came out in 1925. Although these novels seem to be fiction, if not realistic fiction, it is common to wonder how the authors came up with these ideas for their books. In actuality most authors take experiences that they had from their lives and incorporated them into the story. Often after researching an author one can see that there are many parallels between their novel and their actual life. Some aspects can be from other situations outside of ones personal life, but ultimately authors create much of their stories based off of life experiences and can be seen in Housekeeping, The Passion, and Thomas and Beulah. Growing up in Sandpoint Idaho was the first influence that Marilynne Robinson had when it comes to writing her stories. In this instance it has influenced her in her writing of Housekeeping to have a more western and Midwestern feel to there locations. On top of that she includes many rural factors into her stories other than Housekeeping referencing her life growing up in rural Idaho. One of the more notable factors in this comparison in Housekeeping is the town of
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