Jane Austen 's Novel Of The Novel Emma

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In this particular film adaptation of the novel Emma, the character Jane Austen presents in the novel is the type of person who likes to meddle in other people’s lives. In this particular adaptation of Emma, Emma is portrayed through the character Cher. Cher is also a meddler in other people’s lives. This sets the film up for an interesting and developing plot. Cher Horowitz illuminates Emma Woodhouse because they both exist in that precarious realm where lovable threatens to tip over into loathsome, but doesn’t. In the process of narrowly avoiding awfulness, both of these princesses give us insight into ourselves, even if we don’t resemble them at all. Emma may be older than Cher, but she is an adolescent in most senses, a young woman who has never left her father’s side or her small neighborhood. She has free rein at home but is also confined by her caretaker role, which she performs as Cher does with her lawyer dad lovingly and without complaining. Yet Emma’s protected provincialism ensures she doesn’t fully understand the larger world, and her own role in it, particularly the potential of her power — over men, over women, over her neighbors. Just as Clueless, Tai actually has more real-world chops than her self-appointed life coach, Cher Horowitz, most everyone in Austen’s Highbury has seen more of existence than Emma has but they defer to her because of this “handsome, clever and rich” woman’s social rank, charm, and beauty. The ensuing disconnect between Emma’s

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