Jane Austen 's Sense And Sensibility

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Jane Austen 's Sense and Sensibility is often read as two sisters who represent either sense or sensibility. In Ang Lee 's cinematic adaptation of the book, there is obvious preference to the value of emotions, of the heart, and this approach lends an interpretation of what is otherwise left unanswered in the book. From the onset of Sense and Sensibility, Elinor is characterized by her “coolness of judgment” and her overall ability to use her sense to the benefit of the Dashwoods. (44) Marianne on the other hand is characterized by her sensibility for “her sorrows, her joys ,could have no moderation.”(44) In many ways the movie attempts to bring what is on the inside to the outside. The movie does make a preference towards the heart has a significant effect on the cinematic depictions of the sisters but also of other characters. The preference of the heart allows for deeper constructs of the characters Margaret and Colonel Brandon. The cinematic approach also allows for concrete demonstrations of Marriane 's growing affection to Colonel Brandon as well as a concrete show of Elinor 's interior emotions. The film adaptation of Sense and Sensibility lends itself to bringing interpretation and even life to some characters. This is true especially in the case of Margaret Dashwood, who is a comedic relief to the otherwise dramatic film, and who most importantly brings to light the kindness of Edward Ferrars. In the novel, like many of the younger siblings in Austen 's books,
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