Jane Austen's Influence on Literature

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Jane Austen was a romantic novelist who captivated English readers with her inspired writing skills. Even today, readers all over the world learn to enjoy her writing style and the settings among the landed gentry, a largely historical British social class, consisting of landowners who could live entirely off rental income (Wikipedia.org), during a time when a woman's place was considered to be in the home and subservient to the male. Jane Austen was reflective of her times in that she understood women needed marriage or were reliant on families. Yet, her female characters incorporated free wills and minds of their own. Also, Jane Austen grew up during a time where women were excluded from many…show more content…
Austen wanted to accomplish a goal of writing stories that were as true as possible to realistic life, and she began this process by studying human behavior, character details,and how they acted in society(Pinion 136). Yet women during this time faced difficulties when they sought to make writing a career and were not to pursue fame and a profession of writing. They were discouraged by their husbands and families from publishing their works. As Claudia Johnson states, “During a time when all social criticism, particularly that which aimed at the institution of the family in general and the place of women in particular, came to be associated with the radical cause, Austen defended and enlarged a progressive middle ground that had been eaten away by the polarizing polemics born of the 1790s (Johnson 166).” Thus meaning, women of the time faced public criticism, especially those of genteel birth did not seek employment of any kind, who were women that followed the established traditions of refined society and good taste (Merriam-Webster.com). Male writers during this time have always been able to study their technique in universities or coffeehouses, grouping themselves exclusively with other people with shared interests or tastes, search out predecessors for guidance or patronage, and
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