Jane Austen's Presentation of Mr Collins in Pride and Prejudice

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Jane Austen's Presentation of Mr Collins in Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen presents Mr Collins as a character with many different traits. Mr Collins is a man who is very aware of his social status, likes to impress people, is extremely proud and has an inflated ego to name but a few.

The first time we get a mention of Mr Collins, is in chapter thirteen, where we learn that Mr Bennet has in fact never met the man who will inherit the house upon Mr Bennet's death. We learn this from Mr Bennet, and the way he says, "``it is a person whom I never saw in the whole course of my life.''" This suggests that Mr Collins' arrival will be one of great surprise and unexpected. Also, it gives a hint of
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However, the full reason for his letter becomes apparent later on in the letter, when he says to Mr Bennet about his daughters, "assure you of my readiness to make them every possible amends, - but of this hereafter". Here he is hinting at a proposal to one of the daughters. I feel that this shows that everything he does is about money and his own happiness. He feels that after meeting the girls for the first time that they will happily marry him and therefore he will receive more money, he feels that he will be easily accepted because they are in such a desperate economical need. He must be very arrogant to think this and this is also shown later on in the story.

In Volume One, Chapter Fourteen, we see the arrival of Mr Collins and the first dinner they have together. Even though Mr Bennet had not seen Mr Collins before, he knew that he would be more than happy to talk about Lady Catherine de Bourgh. When Jane Austin says "Mr Collins was eloquent in her praise." Shows that he is once again showing off about her and making her out to be a wonderful lady. This makes him look good in the company of Mr Bennet and his family. Here I feel that he feels that he needs to boast about things to make
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