Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Essay

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Pride and Prejudice Essay: Own Prompt #8-The Obscurities of the Victorian Society In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen satirizes the superficially built society in Victorian Era by pointing out the flaws with the recurring themes of marriage versus love and gender roles through dramatic irony and character relations.
All relationships and the idea of true love tend to be obscured by this materialistic society that is based on wealth, power, title, and connections. Jane Austen constantly paints the Victorian scene of the socialite women gathering to discuss about the idea of marriage as Charlotte Lucas points out that “there is much gratitude or vanity in every form of attachment that it is not safe to leave any to itself…very few of us
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Furthermore Jane Austen supports the idea that sum of true love plus marriage isn’t a fairy tale with no problems. Going through conflicts and disagreements with the significant other are what make love more passionate, strong, and deep. In the beginning, both characters dislike each other and the superficial community induces them with “pride” and “prejudice” against one another, however their love and intellectual and deep similar characteristics overpower society’s views. No matter what obstructive, manipulative, and perverted idea of society, their own defined complex love kept them bounded strong. Jane Austen develops Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy with more depth and intellect, to symbolize the complexity and deepness true love and marriage has to offer. She demonstrates through society’s impure views and character relationships, the theme of love and marriage often can be manipulated by the 1800s Victorian Era ideals.
Jane Austen also brings out the strength that women plan in gender roles in society by employing satire. As a female British writer in the 1800s when the powerful women ruler of Queen
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