Essay on Jane Austin and Pride & Prejudice

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Jane Austin is currently known today as one of the women who first developed the ideas related to feminism (Abrams). Jane’s work became prevalent in English literature during time of transition from neo-classicism to romanticism (Abrams). She was influenced by a number of other literary figures of her time, and by the society in which she lived. Her writing sometimes reflected earlier writers, whom she sometimes mocked because they always portrayed a perfect world in their writing and the world was not that way. Her writing style was elegant and satirical. In her novels, Jane Austen described people who were the sorts of people she knew. Many of the character s and events in her stories were real events that were occurring in her life…show more content…
The possibility of scorn was what influenced Austen’s decision to publish anonymously (Watkins). It was her favorite brother was who revealed her identity later (Watkins). The Austin family was accepted socially by wealthier families but was not as wealthy as these families. This made it hard for their daughters to attract suitors because there was not anything to be gained by the suitor’s family. Jane received a marriage proposal but turned it down because she did not want to sacrifice her life as an author to juggle being a wife, mother and gentry hostess (Abrams). Jane Austin was one of the first women in the public eye to say that women did not have to conform to norms that were set by society (Johnson). Jane made it very clear in her writing that it was unfair for women to marry for class; she mocked this idea in her writings (Bloom; Johnson). After visiting her brother Edward and his wife Elizabeth, in 1796 Jane began writing pride and prejudice. Austen wrote Pride & Prejudice as a reflection of the times she lived in, the relationship between men and women and the rules of courting (Bloom). It could even be said that the novels could be related to loneliness that she experienced because she never married and maybe it was her living out her fantasies through her novels (Bloom). Pride and Prejudice is a record of upper and middle class English society in a time of
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