Jane Buckingham 's On Sticky Situations

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The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations by Jane Buckingham touches upon numerous “sticky situations” about dating, relationships and sex. The author advices how to act and react to uncomfortable situations that women commonly face. This book touches upon assumptions and expectations of both genders in regard to relationships. In addition, based on the authors ' solutions to her sticky situations, the reader can assume that Buckingham targets a particular segment with a specific gendered orientation. The first section of the book is dating. Buckingham refers to two types of dating: in-person and online dating. For in-person dating, a woman may face certain sticky situation and solutions such as:what to do if she is interested in dating a guy that was a night one stand, how she should properly react when finding out he lives with his parents and what she should do when he has the galls to insult her. Although these situations seem different, the solutions are relatively similar. Generally, Buckingham expresses that when dating in-person, the women should always listen to the men carefully. For instance, If he lives with his parents that does not necessarily mean that he is lazy and incompetent. There are factors such as the bad economy and temporary lay off that may play into account why he lives with his parents. For this reason, the women should always listen before making assumptions. The same applies if he insults her. The women should call him out on it a demure…

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