Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte

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Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, makes use of the Victorian era by showing us a character that goes against the norm. The Victorian era was a much different time than it is right now. As individuals and their families who were born in an inferior class were not valued. Bronte created Jane as a way to show us this by giving her a very complex story. Unlike most people in that era Jane was able to live well. She was living with the Reed’s and is also educated yet throughout all of these so call blessings she is still an unwanted orphan and a poor one at that. When we meet her she is treated as second class citizens sometimes even lower than the help. She struggles to find her place in society and is forced to act a certain way on more than…show more content…
Let’s take a look at the character known as Blanche. Ms.Blanche is the complete opposite of Jane. She is of a much higher social standing which makes her a better match for Rochester. When Jane decides not to go through with the marriage it’s because of the amount of respect she has for herself. The class that she was born into was not brought on by her but she will still put time and effort to achieve success. Her character is what makes her and if she was to throw all of that out of the window just to be on unequal level with Rochester she would be no better than Blanche. The "red-room" is a special place to Jane and what I mean by that is it’s where she never wants to return too. Both her and a character that is called Bertha are unfairly imprisoned in the very place they call home. For Jane that would be the Gateshead while with Bertha that would be the attic at Thornfield. While Bertha imprisonment represents a normal day for a women in the Victorian age, Jane’s is due to her status in the home of the Reeds. Jane Eyre defied many social norms during the Victorian age. The many obstacles she faced are what made her into the person she is at the end of the novel. Unlike most women in this era Jane was able to go out into the world and find her purpose in life. Most women in her place would have chosen to stay in their comfy life filled with no worries but not Jane. Jane used all of the skills

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