Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte

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In England during the nineteenth century, the struggle to gain independence and equality were difficult for Victorian women, largely because of their gender, but also because they did not have any independent source of wealth. Published in 1847, Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Brontë depicts the life of women during that time that were economically devalued and socially marginalized. Women were not seen as equals to men and being independent meant being free from the influences of others. The novel tells the story of Jane Eyre, a young Victorian woman on a quest to fulfill a sense of equality and independence in her life. Throughout the novel, a series of individuals fail to agree with Jane’s ideology, making an identity search a pressing issue for Jane. Her main goal as a Victorian woman is to become independent, achieve self-fulfillment while finding a voice, and overcome oppression. While Jane Eyre can be read as a feminist novel, it can also be seen as a challenge towards the Victorian era and how Brontë uses her protagonist to attack some of the issues during this time. Although Jane faces off with individuals in the novel that do not see her as an equal, the point of equality Jane desires is emotion-based, rather than people-based. The relationships that Jane develops in the novel leads her to want to go against the social norms of women in the Victorian era and fight for her own identity.
Jane’s experience at Gateshead Hall fuels her quest for equality and

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