Jane Eyre, By Charlotte Bronte

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Surrounded by witnesses, Jane stands in front of the minister, poised to take her marital vows as the mystery of Thornfield unravels. Unbeknownst to her, Rochester’s actual wife, Bertha Mason, is within close proximity.The knowledge of Bertha, and the mystery, will pose as a test to Jane 's morals and her character. Through Jane Eyre, a powerful Victorian-era novel, Charlotte Bronte portrays the role of women in Victorian society while masterfully solidifying Jane’s role as its polar opposite: an independent woman. The events surrounding the mystery of Thornfield Hall and specific passages in the novel emphasize this theme. Being independent was atypical of women in the Victorian era, but this is an attribute that Jane possesses. She is independent, unlike most women living in the Victorian era. She had opinions of her own and she spoke her mind. Jane was the polar opposite of the ideal set forth by society in her time. Tangling herself more deeply in Rochester 's lies, Jane finally speaks her mind and tells Rochester how she feels about him.
She “retorted, rouse to something like passion” exclaiming “do you think I can stay to become nothing to you, do you think I am an automation of machine without feelings?” (page 246) By stating this, Jane reveals that she longs to be her own person. Through Jane Eyre, Brontë reveals her feminist ideas by implying that women should be treated equally through Jane’s strong desire for independence, her character and actions.
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