Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte

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Within the specter of the Gothic fictions arises the atmosphere of gloom, terror, and mystery with some elements of uncanny challenging reality.At certain points, the interactions between the conventions of the Gothic fictions with other thematic, ideological, and/or symbolic functions of the narrative would rather be challenging. However, though the analysis of Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte, certain factors come into focus.The novel of Charlotte Bronte entitled Jane Eyre has showcased a lot of issues that specifies how women in that time have been depicted by the experiences that the protagonist of the novel has encountered. The novel was published in a time when women were only considered as display or jewels of the noble men and…show more content…
On the story, Jane has suffered oppression which depicts, as stated earlier, how women in their time seem to also encounter such experiences because of how women are treated as having a lower value than the noble men of their time. This also became an argument to some critics who have read the novel. Some have said that it was of lesser value because of how it shows an unrealistic situation and was more like of a “tale” than a novel. However, on Adrienne Rich’s review on the novel, which was entitled “Jane Eyre: The Temptations of a Motherless Woman,” she stated how she has found the novel to have an “immense value” by its content of “special force and survival value” having both the character of Jane as “motherless and economically powerless.” Aligning from the title of her article, Jane has shown an enduring of diverse temptations that are encountered by women in order for her to grasp her greatest self. She has struggled on achieving equality and her desire to keep her dignity through the characters of the three men on the film who were Mr. Brocklehurst,St. John Riveres and Edward Rochester. Each of the characters has showed dominion or power over the character of Jan in which Jane has struggled to be free from. Jane sought for freedom and self-knowledge inside Lowood and for her to reach these desires; she has to be free from
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