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Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre can be linked to many fairy-tales. Some of these tales such as Charle’s Perrault’s Bluebeard, Arabian Nights, and many more are actually cited in the text. Others are alluded to through the events that take place in the story. Jane Eyre has often been viewed as a Cinderellatale for example. There is also another story, however, that though not mentioned directly, can definitely be linked to Bronte’s novel. This tale is none other than Beauty and the Beast, which was part of one of Perrault’s compilations. Bronte uses the ideas and themes of Beauty and the Beast to reveal the importance of inner beauty and to make a point that it’s what’s inside a person that counts. The beauty that can be …show more content…
There are many different adaptations of this story available. In Perrault’s version, Beauty’s father has lost his wealth and travels to town in hopes of a good business venture. Beauty has two sisters who are extremely vain and long for wealth. They beg their father to buy them fancy dresses and jewels before his return home. Beauty at first claims she wants nothing. Yet when her father will not take no for an answer she simply asks for a rose, not because she wants one but because it is something simple that her father will not have to buy. Unfortunately the old man’s business deal falls through, and on his way back home he gets lost in the woods. At the point of almost freezing to death from cold he finds himself at a castle. He goes inside and finds a warm meal and bed to sleep in, yet no host ever appears. After waiting to see if anyone will come he sleeps in the castle for the night only to find his clothes clean and ready to go in the morning. He sets out for home, yet before leaving he picks a rose from the garden for Beauty. All at once the Beast of the castle reveals himself and claims the man will die because he offered him food and shelter only to find him stealing one of his prized roses. When the old man explains that he was getting the rose for his daughter, the Beast gives him an opportunity to spare himself. He will let the old man go on one guarantee, that he will send one of his daughters to take his place. Although he has

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