Jane Eyre Industrial Revolution

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Throughout the decades, issues, preferences, and events have changed making books of certain styles fade away into time. Few books have beaten the test of time and continue to have relevance in the present day. Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Bronte, stands as a classic work of literature that has overcome time and is still being read after 168 years from its original publishing date. Even today readers can effectively connect to the plight of Jane and the social issues that Bronte attempted to illuminate. Combined with an eloquent writing style Jane Eyre continues to have a positive effect on the reform for children. Ender’s Game, written by Orson Card, utilizes the same qualities as Jane Eyre, although, putting a futuristic twist on the events…show more content…
Bronte, through her novel Jane Eyre, elucidates many themes in which she deemed important for the time period. One of these themes is the manipulation of the young and naïve. Jane, clouded by her love for Rochester, was easily manipulated into believing that he was a bachelor and the strange occurrences around the mansion were simply caused by Grace Poole (Bronte). When Jane inquired about who came in her room the night before the wedding Rochester brushed it off simply saying that, “it was half a dream, half reality: a women did, I doubt not, enter your room: and that women was- must have been- Grace Poole” (Bronte 289). Jane, coming to terms with the manipulation, decided that she needed to escape in order to find her faith once again (Bronte). Bronte is illuminating the fact that the young and passionate are able to be easily manipulated. Bronte uses the theme of manipulation as a warning for both genders alike the one should not put their full passion into another and that faith should always be put before love. This then transfers the concept of manipulation to other aspects of society such as the institution of marriage and independency. Manipulation brings to light the “legal issues connected to inheritance and marriage, and questions of justice, chastisement and retribution preoccupy the narrator, as does the tension between liberty and imprisonment (Brennan 17).” At this time the young were manipulated for the sake of the family and were usually given no say in their future, an aspect in society that Bronte deemed important to shed light on. The theme of manipulation prevalent in Ender’s Game also serves as a warning to society. Ender, as he was completing the final battle to his war game laughs at “the adults taking all this so seriously, and the children playing along, playing along, believing it too until suddenly the adults went too far,
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