Jane Eyre - Power and Manipulation

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“Jane’s relationship with Rochester in the early part of the novel is based not on love but control, manipulation and secrecy. She does well to escape”

On Jane’s first meeting with Rochester, he immediately asserts his control without Jane even realising, his whole presence suggests that he has a powerful awe about him. He broke the medieval trance that Jane was in, “The man, the human being, broke the spell at once” she was expecting a Gytrash, a mystical creature that lies in wait of lonely travellers to lead them astray, a metaphor for Mr Rochester, he may not be a gytrash but he is a mystical man that attempts to lead Jane into a world of secrecy and manipulates her feelings for him.

Charlotte Bronte describes Rochester for the
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He also accuses her of bewitching his horse, he recognized that Jane was day dreaming of another world when they met. He is quick to respond to Mrs Fairfax’s appreciation of Jane’s presence, “Don’t trouble yourself to give her a character”, “eulogiums will not bias me; I shall judge for myself. She began by felling my horse.”

Mr Rochester continues to manipulate the conversation to his advantage, he wants to know all about Jane and in a small conversation he learns she is an orphan with no other family, she was shunned by her Aunt Reed and since has lived a life of an nun. He also requests that she proves her accomplishments, when she states that she can a little piano he orders her to play, although he does recognize that he is ordering her about, but states that he cannot treat her differently from the other “inmates” of Thornhill. He continued to question her abilities when he views her sketches, presuming that she is not capable of such work on her own. He keeps her in conversation for some time but very quickly turns it round on her when he recognizes that Jane has allowed Adele to stay up later than usual, “what are you about, Miss Eyre, to let Adele sit up so long? Take her to bed.”

The two above meetings show that Mr Rochester will use his position of the house to assert his power over Jane, she has clearly caught his attention but he

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