Essay about Jane Eyre: The Freedom of Love

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Parallel to many of the great feministic novels throughout literary history, Jane Eyre is a story about the quest for authentic love. However, Jane Eyre is unique and separate from other romantic pieces, in that it is also about a woman searching for a sense of self-worth through achieving a degree of independence. Orphaned and dismissed at an early age, Jane was born into a modest lifestyle that was characterized by a form of oppressive servitude of which she had no autonomy. She was busy spending much of her adolescent years locked in chains, both imaginary and real, as well as catering to the needs of her peers. Jane was never being able to enjoy the pleasures and joys that an ordinary and independent child values. Jane struggles…show more content…
Additionally, the Victorian period recalls devotional qualities to God, an extreme respect for family life, and high ethical standards. Each of these elements plays a vital role in Jane’s “quest.” Gothic novels rather, mainly include dark, menacing characters and architecture. Bronte’s use of gothic suggestions in Jane Eyre help the reader understand the complex influences at work that affect Jane during her search for self-worth. Bronte, however, intentionally evades many of the clichés of Victorian fiction, which would have prevented Jane’s lengthy journey towards independence. It becomes evident throughout the course of the novel, Jane Eyre is not a typical Romance piece that reinforces the accepted conventions of most women of the Victorian period. Thus for the 1800s, Jane Eyre proves to be a revolutionary novel and paves the way for many feminist books to come. It would be used as a new way of thinking and realizing ones true potential. Jane became a role model for women in modern-day society. It has been seen that women in recent romance novels or other pieces of literature have strived to become independent or have a sense of self-worth. In the novel, Nectar in a Sieve, written by Kamala Markandaya, both Rukmani and Ira both search for independence. Unfortunately Ira struggles to do so and ends up becoming a prostitute. Rukmanis’ efforts are better than Ira, but are overshadowed for all her work is dedicated towards
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