Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

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The story Jane Eyre has several characters full of dynamic characteristics that seem like true personalities from the real world. Through this story, I was able to make connections between their personalities and the color personality test. It is incredible to see that these characters are built based on actual personalities, and most surprisingly, I was able to quickly categorize them into the four color categories based on their actions and dialogues. The Blue personality tends to be defined as sincere and sympathetic, usually involved in love and affection. The Orange personality is defined as adventurous full of spontaneity and charisma. The gold personality is majorly being responsible with assets and wealth as well as organized. Last but not least, the Green personality, which is defined as ingenuity and intelligence.
The protagonist of the novel is Jane Eyre, an intelligent and ordinary young girl that reflects assertion and maintains justice through oppression and inequality. According to what the story, I consider Jane Eyre as a blue person. First of all, she is a ten year old girl who has always tried to seek understanding and love, which most blue individuals do. Unfortunately, her parents pass away when Jane was a baby. Since that tragedy, she had to live with her aunt and uncle. As another of her misfortunes, her uncle passed away, which inevitably gave the opportunity for her aunt and her cousins to take advantage of her and treat her as an animal.
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