Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

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“This book might have been written by a woman but certainly not a lady.” It is bildungsromane (Triska); a type of novel concerned with the education, development, and maturing of a young protagonist (Dictionary.com). Jane Eyre was a very shy, plain, and reserved person. Even though she had a very plain look she had a passion that wasn’t expected of her (Green). She also had hopes and dreams and aspirations. So I wonder, how might Jane Eyre react to the women of today? All in all I think she would probably be proud of the women of today because she placed high value in self-respect, she did not approve of the high value placed in beauty, and she wanted to be proud without being ungrateful. Some of the women today probably have the same morals. On the day of Jane’s wedding during the ceremony, Mr. Rochester’s “wife’s” brother comes and claims that he is already married (Brontë). Mr. Rochester believes he is no longer married because his wife is crazy and it is not a real marriage (Brontë). After this Jane will not marry Mr. Rochester because of the amount of respect she places in herself. Although Jane was aware that she was not beautiful, she refused to sacrifice her self-respect by marrying a man that was already married. Throughout the book the Victorian culture is constantly criticized because of the high value placed in beauty (Triska). In the Victorian era the ideal for women was almost unachievable. To qualify as beautiful you had to have a 12 inch waist and a wear

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