Jane Eyre 's `` Bad Feminist? ' Essay

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Jane “Bad Feminist?” Eyre Often misconceived as group of females who hate men, spit on the stereotypical feminine archetype (wife, mother, etc.) and toss away social beauty norms (the color pink, dresses, hairless below the eyes), the term “feminist” seems to be a word that calls for a mouthful of soap. So is not the case for all or any, as the base of feminism is located in equality between sexes, not outer appearance or the way in which one carries him/her/their self. Yet, even in the feminist world women are judged for not being “enough” of a feminist. If one is involved with a man or desires to take on the typecast female occupation of a stay at home mom, they are subject to be judged as “bad feminists.” In Charlotte Bronte’s early 19th century novel Jane Eyre the title character self discovers herself as a feminist, independent of any other, working towards equality. Some place Jane into this “bad feminist” label due to the ending of the novel where she becomes the wife of Rochester, seemingly surrendering her independent nature of common matrimony.’” Yet there should be a more inclusive look to the concept of feminism, if it is working towards self-improvement/development or happiness, they why should it not be by means seen as “anti-feminist”?
Haiyan Gao, instructor in the School of Foreign Languages at HeZe University in China, examines the feminist movement and women’s liberation, particularly using Jane Eyre as a base for her observations when discussing the
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