Jane Goodall: A Brief Biography

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This movie set an example for one of the most determined and successful primatologist today. Jane Goodall was the most influential individual in the 20st century because of her affect on animals and the planet that human life needs to survive. Jane Goodall was born on April 30, 1934 in London. Her love of animals started from a toy chimpanzee she received when she was younger. She soon developed a dream to travel to Africa, just like in the book The Story of Dr. Doolittle, and focused to make her dreams a reality. Jane’s first trip to Africa was in 1957 with the support of a friend. She soon ended up working with Louis Leakey, who was also interested in the study of chimpanzees, and was sent to Tanzania after completing a Ph.D (Study Corner-Biography). While in Tanzania, Jane worked at the Gombe Stream Research Center. This is where she conducted, recorded, and accomplished most of her behavioral research on chimpanzees. It took some time for the chimpanzees to get used to Jane interacting with them, but eventually they became accustomed to her. Using this acceptance, she made the “banana club”, which was a method used to gain trust with the chimpanzees (Notable Women Scientists). Jane observed many unique characteristics about chimpanzees that no one had noticed before because she was able to get up close and personal with the primates.
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