Jane Goodall: Primatologist and Conservationist

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Jane Goodall is compassionate, brave, and dedicated. Jane Goodall is my hero because she is a strong supporter of animals and proved this when she went out into the jungle to study chimpanzees. She learned about them by studying them in their natural habitat. She knew how they acted around people and around their friends. She was dedicated and followed her dreams just like her mother told her when she was a little girl. Jane Goodall’s love of chimps was inspired by the book, Tarzan, which she read when she was little. Jane Goodall was inspired by this book because Tarzan grew up in the jungle and had a pet chimp. Jane Goodall knew that the book was not true and that it did not happen in real life but Jane wanted to go to the jungle and write books on how chimps act and she wanted to study them more. Jane Goodall is also brave. Jane Goodall is also compassionate because she freed chimps into a better jungle. Jane Goodall even started a program called Roots & Shoots for young people to help them understand and appreciate chimps. The program also helps young people become aware of animal issues in the world. I think Jane Goodall is compassionate because of her love and care for chimpanzees. Jane Goodall encourages people to do their part to make the world a better place for animals, people, and the environment. Jane Goodall has also written many books on chimpanzees, including two autobiographies. She also spends most of her time researching with her team. I also think she is

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