Jane Goodall: The Primatologist of Our Time Essay

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April 3, 1934 a leader was born. A leader by the name of Jane Goodall, an extremely well rounded, primatologist of our time. Although this may seemed distant to many, it was actually her calling. At the age of one, Goodall received a stuffed chimpanzee that her father Herbert Goodall gave to her. She named the chimpanzee Jubilee, which she still keeps with her in her home in England. That was the beginning of her curious mind. She opened many eyes on the situation with chimpanzees being harmed in the jungles and discovered that they are just like “us” humans.
Goodall had a supportive family, such as her mother, Margaret Myfanwe Joseph, a “writer who wrote under the name Vanne Morris Goodall” (Bio True Story, Synopsis Feb. 10, 2012).
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She did everything she could to save money in order to pay for the trip and once she had the funds she was excited to be in Africa, which was after all her dream. Once she arrived, she met an anthropologist and paleontologist by the name of Dr. Louis S. B. Leakey. Dr. Leakey saw the enthusiasm Jane had when looking at the animals. He hired her to be a secretary and assistant at Coryndon Museum. It wasn’t too long before she was able to dig up fossils with Dr. Leakey. Dr. Leakey has been looking for someone to travel to the Tanzania jungle to study the wild chimpanzees and possible study how the chimpanzees are like humans. This brought great excitement to Jane because, now she getting to do what she loves. Upon Jane’s arrival, she was accompanied by her mother Vanne. This was the 1960’s the time where individuals believed females couldn’t be anything more than secretaries. Jane proved this theory wrong by actually getting close to the chimpanzees, although the chimpanzees wouldn’t let Jane near them for a while, so she stayed back observing them in their natural state, until the chimpanzees started to let her closer to what they were comfortable doing. Jane watched in excitement as she observed David Greybeard and Goliath (chimpanzees) make tools to dig out food. This was new for humans because it was believed that humans were the only ones who could make tools. “Louis Leakey heard of Jane's observation that
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