Jane Goodall is a Zoologist Who Made a Huge Impact on Chimpanzees

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One of the many zoologists who has made a huge impact on this field of work is Jane Goodall. She lived with primates for a portion of her life, studying them and educating herself on their way of life opening doors to some of the most amazing discoveries.
There are multiple ways you can use a degree in zoology, “Many Zoologists work for colleges, zoos, museums, governments and businesses. Zoologists are sometimes away from their homes for months at a time” (Career Cruising). The zoologist curators in zoos oversee zoo operations and educate the public about endangered animals. Some zoologists “Work outdoors in the field gathering data and studying animals in their natural habitat” (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). Some zoologists spend a lot of their time up high in the mountains or out in the scorching hot dessert. The ability to travel and study nature right in front of your eyes is often viewed as a benefit of working in this field, but there might be a limited availability of modern tools, air conditioning and heating while traveling in remote areas. As well as being at risk for disease or an animal attack.
Zoologists are not in high demand but they are crucial to society’s learning about wildlife and…
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