Jane Mcgonigell Summary

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Jane McGonigell declares at the beginning of her lecture that she is a gamer who constantly needs clear goals. Therefore, her goal for the present lecture is to try to extend the life expectancy of the participants in the lecture in seven and a half minutes. At the same time, the participants must think about what they want to do with the time (bonus moments) that they will get. McGonigall says the audience probably think that she will ask them to spend the seven and a half minutes in game, because she is a game designer who insists that humanity should spend 21 billion hours a week playing video games. Twenty-one billion hours that are not a waste of time, since games are a positive force in the world. However, there are people that think…show more content…
The game makes it possible to take a traumatic event and use it as a springboard in order to express and emphasize our good qualities and to be stronger and happier people (scientists call it post-traumatic growth). People attest to a change in priorities, a lack of fear to do what brings happiness, closeness to family and friends, understanding and self-recognition, a sense of meaning and purpose, and a focus on own willing. McGonigell argues that the five main characteristics of posttraumatic growth are actually a contrast to the five major regrets of the dying. She concludes that a traumatic event can stimulate our ability to lead a life with less remorse. But is there a way to reach the same results without trauma? McGonigell says it is possible by four different types of recoveries. First, physical recovery - By moving your body you can handle with pressures and the body heal itself faster. The exercise is to get up and take three steps or wring your hands and lift them as high as you can for five seconds. Second, the capacity for mental recovery - it includes discipline, decisiveness, and willpower (accomplish a small task without giving up). The exercise is finger tapping 50 times or counting backward from a hundred when you go down every time
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