Jane Smith Is A 56 Year Old Caucasian Female Small Build Weighting 96 Pounds

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Assessment Description Jane Smith is a 56-year-old Caucasian female small build weighting 96 pounds. Jane has severe COPD (Chronic Obtruded Pulmonary Disease). Jane also suffers from anxiety, depression, and chronic back pain. She lives in a small two-bedroom apartment in Fayetteville Arkansas. Her daughter Nichole and her three children also live with her. The oldest child is 5 years old, the middle child is 3 years old, and the youngest is 6 months old. Jane’s was diagnosed with COPD in her 30’s; she has been living with this disease for a long time. Jane started smoking cigarettes in her 20’s; she smoked for a little over 30 years. Recently Jane has made the decision to stop smoking, cold turkey. She does not want any nicotine patches or any help to stop smoking. She is an extremely determined person and likes to do things on her own. Her Daughter Nichole smokes cigarettes, she tries to only smoke outside, but during several visit the apartment smelled like someone was smoking inside. The fact that Jane is trying to quite, while her daughter continues to smoke in front of her makes it challenging for Jane. Recently Jane’s COPD has rapidly gotten worse. Jane has found it difficult to even walk from her bedroom to her kitchen with out getting out of breath. She had to go the emergently room at the end of February because she could not breath. After returning back home from the hospital she was extremely tired. Nichole thought it would be good for her mom to

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