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Mentor: Jane Stanley The mentor I have chosen is Jane Stanley. Ms. Stanley was influenced by the stories of her grandfather to become a nurse. She was unsure if she could do it at first because she did not think she was smart enough, but she began to love it. While Ms.Stanley was attending school she came across what she thought was an obstacle. She was five months pregnant and ready to drop out of school, but with the encouragement of her husband she did not give up. She graduated and could not be more grateful for the strength god had given her. Her typical work day is a twelve hour shift. She would clock in thirty minutes early to take care of all the reports before 7:00 am. Many times she would have to stay late to make sure all patients and their paperwork was completed. She dealt with many types of patients and she never knew what to expect, because the sickness type varied. She gave all she had while working with sick patients to help make them better. Ms. Stanley enjoys helping people. When I asked her what she enjoyed most about her job she responded with “I love to see them come in hurting and scared, and with our tender, loving care watch most of them get better.” That shows she honestly just enjoys the idea of sick patients getting better. She inspires me to want to go into the medical field because of all her accomplishments.…show more content…
She is someone I feel I could look up to and use her journey to help me. I am going to enjoy meeting with her more over the school year, as I may need her to answer more questions along my journey. She is an inspiration to me, because even when obstacles got in the way of her fulfilling her career she took hold of the situation and kept moving forward. I do not know anyone else who would have kept moving forward. I believe she can teach me a lot, because she has seen all the things that I have to look forward to, the good and the
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