Jane's Postpartum Depression in the Yellow Wallpaper

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Jane's Postpartum Depression in "The Yellow Wallpaper" In the "The Yellow Wallpaper," Charlotte Perkins Gilman describes her postpartum depression through the character of Jane. Jane was locked up for bed rest and was not able to go outside to help alleviate her nervous condition. Jane develops an attachment to the wallpaper and discovers a woman in the wallpaper. This shows that her physical treatment is only leading her to madness. The background of postpartum depression can be summarized by the symptoms of postpartum depression, the current treatment, and its prevention. Many people ask themselves what happens if postpartum depression gets really bad or what increases their chances. Jane's treatment can show what can happen if it is…show more content…
John's sister does all the housework and cares for the baby. This means that Jane is even isolated from her baby. As Jane states, "Such a dear baby! And yet I cannot be with him, it makes me so nervous" (Gilman 433). This tells us that she is away from the baby, and it makes her nervous. Since she is isolated from the baby, she never has the chance to get used to the baby and face her fears. Some sources say that it is important for a new mother to stay away from becoming too tired. It is important for the mother to get all the rest that she can get, and the baby needs to move to its own room as soon as possible. The loving support of a husband or significant other, relatives, or close friends is extremely important. During the day, close friends needs to do things with the new mother like shopping or visiting the mother. If the postpartum Olley 4 depression gets to where it is too much, then the mother may need to be put on antidepressant medicine, such as Zoloft, or the mother may need to go to a psychiatric hospital for treatment (Benson 1404). When the mother is feeling unwell, the family needs to take on as much of the housework that the mother wants to give up. However, when she feels better then the family needs to let her do as much as she wants to (Mothersbliss). Jane's treatment takes care of her physically, but Jane
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