Jane's Roles in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

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The novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is a very interesting book. It has many different interesting characters that all play many different roles in Jane’s life which are all important. Jane has over came every obstacle in her life some harder than others but she’s faced them all the same way. She’s a very strong young woman and has learned a lot through rough times. Jane rough times began when she was just a little girl and an orphan. After her parents died and she was left to be taken cared for by her uncle, but after he got sick and died all of that changed. When he passed away she still lived with her uncle’s wife and their kids. When Jane’s uncle died his last word to his wife was to make sure that she took care of Jane and that she would be alright. Mrs. Reeds and her children made a very big impact on Jane’s life in Gateshead. They abused her, tormented her and treating her like she was nothing because to them that’s exactly what they thought of her. No one cared for her there she was just a low class citizen with no parents and no one to love her. Living with a family who doesn’t like you or care about you one bit is something she had to live with for a long time. Her life in Gateshead made her a stronger person I believe, because after going through all of the things they put her through there she still didn’t mistreat them at all. She was a better person then all of her family. Another person that made Jane a stronger person is Mr. Broockelhurst and her
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