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Getting Your Content to Go Viral Written by Janet Gershen-Siegel It’s kind of the Holy Grail, isn’t it; to get your small business’s content to go viral? Virality is kind of an odd thing, though. We can see it and we can sort of explain it, but we have trouble really defining it and getting it happen organically. It’s a lot like trying to capture lightning in a bottle. An Example Here is an example of a modestly viral piece of content. For anyone who didn’t click through, the image is often referred to as “Old-Fashioned Selfie” or “Selfie with Old Phone”, and it is two women posing for a selfie, but they are looking and smiling at an old corded telephone. In the interests of full disclosure, I actually know the woman on the left and I…show more content…
But that video of the baby tiger at the zoo yawning? You’re a lot more likely to share that one. In our example, of course the evoked emotion is humor. Relatability The women in our example seem down to earth. The woman on the right is an actress, but she doesn’t look unapproachable. She doesn’t feel like someone who would sneer at you from a limousine. Plus, for everyone over a certain age, the image works – we remember those phones. And younger generations have seen these phones, possibly at a grandparent’s home or even at an office. Also, while the image is a good one, it’s far from perfect. People in the background are cut off. The back has glare. This lends to an impression that the photo was not really staged, and anyone could have taken it. The photographer did not have to be a professional in order to get the shot. Visual Clarity and Appeal Although the woman on the right is relatable, there’s also no denying that she’s attractive (they both are). The image isn’t fuzzy and the women are wearing makeup and their hair is neat, etc. Small details like that can make a difference when it comes to whether someone will share a piece of online content. You ‘Get it’ Fast We all read and process online content very quickly these days. Marketers often have only a few seconds to get someone to stop and,

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