Janey Informative Speech

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About :- Janey is a singer who began his early musical career as part of the group GP Basic for 12 years. He has been inactive member of the group from 2011 onwards, since I could not sing because of the new law Korea where people under 14 can not act on stage.Returns to the stage in March 2013 as a member of D -UNIT , becoming the rapper and maknae it. Bio :- Name: Janey Real name: Byun Seung Mi Position : Singer, rapper and actress. Date of Birth : 14 -December- 1998 (17 years ) Birthplace: Incheon , South Korea Height: 162cm Weight: 45kg Blood Type: A Sagittarius . Chinese zodiac sign : Tiger Agency: Jacyhan Entertainment. Ex-Grupo K-Pop: Hobbies: Crear Rap Familia: Padre. Apodos: Baby…show more content…
Janey had forbidden him to be on stage because of the new rules recently adopted in which it is said that boys or girls under fifteen may not debut in the art world. iii. He participated in events modeling. iv. Janey got more attention for his acting and dancing on stage with the single "Jelly Pop". v. At first, the public did not trust a girl 13 years go up on stage, but Janey left everyone surprised with her dancing, her rap and safety in promotions of "Jelly Pop". saw. She could not promote "I'll Be There for age and weight problem so that song is inspired by Janey is clear that there named Baby J. vii. With the teaser Game was said that Janey was a cute but powerful and energetic image. viii. Miryo Brown Eyed Girls to see the first presentation of GP Basic was impressed with Janey. A representative of the company Miryo said. "Miryo, after watching the first performance of GP Basic on stage showed great interest Janey Miryo chose Janey for his rap powerful and stage presence despite its weight and young age. " ix. In March 2013 he joined as a member of-UNIT D, group ie its position in GP Basic has not been changed. x. It was announced in July 2013 that Janey had finished his work as a member of D-UNIT and has returned to his position as a member of GP
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