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Janie Mae Crawford serves as the protagonist of one of Zora Neale Hurston’s most notable works Their Eyes Were Watching God. From her grandmother Nanny to her last husband Tea Cake, Janie has always been a victim to those attempting to decide her fate for her. Her grandmother determining who she loves, Logan and Jody treating her as a possession and Tea Cake jealousy and stubbornness all lead to the climatic point in Janie’s life where she blossoms into the strong woman she is becomes in the end. It is by the end of the novel that Janie finally gets to decide how she chooses to live her life. Thus, Janie’s character development is a reflection of the various experiences and relationships that she has had throughout her life. From these…show more content…
Nanny believes that this is what is best for Janie as she would ‘marry decent’ and marrying Logan Killicks would serve as ‘protection’ for her. She pushes for this marriage because it provides Janie with financial security and respectability over love, something that Janie craves. Nanny works on the precedent that “de nigger woman is de mule uh de world so fur as Ah can see” (p. 14) which is a reflection of her small thinking that Janie, just like herself, will be subject to various humiliating and dehumanizing acts from others. However, what her grandmother fails to realize is when she marries her granddaughter off, she is perpetrating the exact same acts that others had done to her. This would later cause Janie to slowly grow to despise her own grandmother for forcing her at such a young age into marriage. Additionally, Janie has always been described as beautiful. Her characteristics are of those that defy standards of beauty while also embracing them. As a woman of mixed heritage from two generations, Janie’s features are viewed as different especially with her long straight hair. Being young and beautiful meant that she caught the eye of many suitors, none of who Janie were heavily worried about but who Nanny thought would attempt to get at her the way that men had done to her and her daughter. It is after this initial unhealthy relationship with her grandmother that she then experiences three other detrimental

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