Janitors Book Report

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Dear, Mr. Producer

Janitors would make good seizes of movies just the books i am on the second one and it is good. These books would make a good movie because it has a lot of action in it. This book is about Spencer,daisy,and Dez a trader they can see things no one else can there are called Toxites,Grimes,and BEM workers who are trying to kill all three of them. The actors that would be good for this seizes are Logan lerman, Pierce Brosnan, Jack abel,and alexandra Daddario. This seizes is getting this would be good for people who love action and thriller to I am loving these books all the action, thrills, and the Drama of these three people Spencer the hero Daisy is the sidekick and Dez is the bully.

The Janitors seizes has a lot of twist, turns, and surprises in middle of the story and almost to the end. When the events happen that's when the twist,turn,and surprise hit you and the audience altogether and it hit me when I didn’t see it coming because it had surprised me without me even know who was on the good side and who was on the bad side. In the end it all separates the good from the evil that is lurking on the good of the characters in this story some of the good turn to the evil side of the story by bargains. The Janitor is a good novel written by Tyler Whitesides this
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Janitors i got into because of the librarian and these are great books that i like to read and it come be a great movie to the three characters Spencer is the leader and the hero of the books,
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