Jansport Marketing Plan

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Organization Background
JanSport Company is the leading designer not only for backpacks, but with shoulder bags, luggage and laptops bags. It was founded in Washington State during the year of 1967. It was started by a Seattle native named Murray Pletz. Since then JanSport has changed dramatically and now is available nationwide.
Murray Pletz had won a competition sponsored by the Alcoa aluminum company. The idea was to design a new backpack using aluminum. Murray Pletz designed an aluminum flexible-frame backpack and that allowed him first place in this competition. That is when he thought about starting a new business that makes high quality backpacks. His goal was to make great hiking bags.
With his winnings from the backpack design he
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Our demographic would be all kids in the age group of 6-15 years of age. Our bags will be affordable compared to our competitors. We want to stress affordability to our customers. Just because this bag is customized does not mean it is going to cost them extra. We want our target all income household families.
Media Rational and Publicity

Our main source of media will be commercials. We will do on aired commercials on Disney and Nickelodeon, morning and early evening time. The commercials will be advertised throughout summer, before school starts. They will highlight how easy and fun it is to order a bag online. It will take them through the steps of going online and having a parent help them. Some features we will emphasize are: free shipping; arrive within 2-3 days, they choose their print, colors, type of bag, and how easy the process is. We will also have radio ads, primarily morning and afternoon.
Create your own back to school Promotional Activities

We want to target children from 6 years old to 15 years old and we are aware that most families have more than one child. We are targeting their little brothers and sisters as well that are going to elementary or middle school and we have come up with some promotions in order to hit our target as good as possible. Some of the sectors that we are going to place our product for promotion will be schools, and shopping centers. We want cover 30

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