Janssen's Model Of Change Essay

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For me in module 5, the part I found most valuable was Janssen’s Model of Change. I enjoyed learning about the four different states. Comfort (Stage 1), Denial (Stage 2), Confusion (Stage 3), and Renewal (Stage 4). The stages state different feelings a person will feel during the change process. During the Comfort stage, the person is in their normal routine. They feel comfortable because it is what they are used to. Denial takes place when situations force a change on the individual. Often they may feel overwhelm, not wanting to confront the issue, or wishing to stay in their comfort stage. An important note regarding the denial stage is that contrary to what people think, that resisting change brings less stress, the opposite is true. Denying change causes the person more stress, and it is at this stage they spend more energy. Confusion sets in once the person has accepted to change, and is about to begin the journey from the known comfort to the unknown. Renewal, the last stage of change, is where you have accepted the change. The change may not necessarily be something you like, but you have accepted it. With time you will return to the first…show more content…
With sufficient knowledge of this model of change, I will be able to handle the change much better. I will be able to get over the denial stage faster and into the confusion stage to get the knowledge I need for my change. This way of dealing with change will allow me to hit the renewal stage and enter back into my comfort stages, with a lot less stress. I also will be able to teach my Airman on the Janssen’s Model of Change. I believe that sharing the knowledge with them will help them process change better as well. In the Air Force, change is always going to happen, and I trust that being better ready to handle the change is vital for personal and unit
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