Jap A Nation Of Many Countries

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Adams, Matthew World Geography Mr. Koldoff 13 May, 2015 Japan: A Nation of Many Excitements Japan is one of the most interesting nations in the world. Many different cultures and religions exist in this country. Japan is a large archipelago of islands just east of Korea. Although the country is very often looked at as a country of many different and large cities, it is also full of grasslands and agricultural opportunities. Japan is also one of the leading electronic suppliers of the world. This country is probably one of the most interesting and unique nations in the world because of its rich history. The nation of Japan presents many job opportunities for the so called “Electronic Generation”. Japan has one of the most interesting histories on the face of the planet. Dating back all the way to 1603 when the Tokugawa Shogunate ushered in decades upon decades of political instability and alienation from other countries. After the work of two centuries, and many different leaders, Japan started to enjoy the start of the indigenous peoples of the archipelago. In 1854, Japan opened its ports by agreeing to the statements of the Treaty of Konawa with the United States, and had begun to restore its economy. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries the country became a regional superpower that was able to wipe out the forces of both Russia and China. During this time period, Japan controlled Korea, which is now Taiwan, and the Southern Sakhalin Island. From the early 1930 's,
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