Jap The Beautiful Landscape, Tradition, And Economy

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What is going to happen to Japan Japan is well known for its beautiful landscape, tradition, and economy. Not just that but also their most popular food that almost everyone know when mention. Sushi, it is popular worldwide compare to other food that they have on their menu. For instance, people view Japan as a country that is full of blossom sakura trees or cherry trees and a very advanced country. But, however they lack the knowledge behind how the Japanese made it to how it has come to be. The beautiful landscape and gardens was an inspiration from first generation Chinese philosophy and Buddhist. They created the gardens because it represent the meaning of harmony. Their tradition is unique and economic growth is highest than any other countries. Every year, whenever they have festivals, everyone would gather around and celebrate together. Moreover, their economy just kept on growing to almost the top. Their capitol name Tokyo is now pack buildings with and little space in between. With this, Japan is still growing alongside other countries, however, Japan has been facing struggles for almost ten years. It was also once known as a country that have a lot of people. However, Japan’s population have been declining ever since their economy start growing. When it comes to infant mortality rate, Japan come in second to last place. It is rank 227 out of 228 with 2.04 per 1,000 births. Aside from infant mortality, mortality rate come in second, with the life…
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