Japan And The United States

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On the day of December 7,1941, a tragic event took place. And the name of it is Pearl Harbor, the surprise attack of the Japanese fleets on the U.S. city of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This takes place with two rivaling countries, Japan & the United States. This paper will give detail on this tragic event, and how it will end.
Cause of Pearl Harbor
Japan, after winning against the weak fleets of Russia, the felt powerful over the years. Having dominance over some countries. But what was her deal with the U.S.? To start, Japan increased the need of natural resources including Oil, Minerals, & Steel. This also came with their goal of expansion increasing. But, the problem with this want for resources is that when the U.S. found
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The U.S. wanted to negotiate with the Japanese, but then they broke all relations with the U.S.
Japan before Pearl Harbor
The Soviets were stubborn for the Japanese to try to conquer, so they wanted to move to Machina to drive attention back to the west. In imperial Japanese minds, the moment was everything. It was a time where to get power was easy pickings in the Pacific before Germany ended the entire war. With Britain’s fall after the war, the supplies kept in India would have to be taken to the Pacific, & Japan had to deal with the crippled & solitary United States. So, Japan saw a good time to attack the U.S.- that would end with a negotiation, or military defeat for the U.S.
Event of Pearl Harbor
After the U.S. insisted on Japan withdrawing their military from Chinese Continent, Japan was outraged. They felt threatened and pushed down by the U.S. In result of these disturbances from the U.S., Japan declared war on the U.S. this decision was based on the nations will. December 7,1941, the Japanese attack on the U.S. state of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The attack consisted of 21 American ships destroyed & badly damaged, 188 planes lost, & 155 planes being damaged. Also, 2,403 American lives were lost with 1,178 injuries. This attack lost many, but gave the U.S. a new opinion on the Axis Powers. As said in the book “Reflections of Pearl Harbor: An oral history of December 7, 1941”,
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