Japan Defense Essay

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The year of 2016 marks dramatic changes in Japan’s defense and military actions. According to the Annual White Paper of Japan’s Ministry of Defense, Japan has been facing changes of its neighboring countries’ military operations in 2016. Due to North Korea’s military provocations, China’s aggression in the North China Sea, Russia’s fortified marine and air forces, and beheaded of two Japanese civilians by the ISIS, the Ministry of Defense (MOD) and the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) have to take up the responsibility of maintaining the well-being of Japanese civilians and security of Japan’s territories. Therefore, the Diet passed the legislation for peace and security and put it into force in March 2016, attempting to construct a better…show more content…
Facing Searching for international allies to counter China’s aggression and North Korea’s missile program, Japan started to build up a stronger military and diplomatic tie with the Philippines as early as in January when Japan’s Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited several war memorials to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Japan-Philippines diplomatic normalization. During the visit, the Emperor expressed his “renewed sense of sorrow” to the victims of the WWII at war memorials. The imperial couple is known to be aware of Imperial Japan’s past and stated that Japan should not forget the damage it has caused to people from home and abroad. However, considering the growing military tie between Tokyo and Manila, this visit might also be a result from the Japan-Philippine alliance against China’s recent aggressive acts in the South China sea. Since Japan and the Philippines are seeking a reliable partner besides the United States in the Asian-Pacific region, the military alliance between the two countries will benefit both sides in terms of national security. Not long after the visit, in February Japan planned to sign an accord with the Philippines which allows Tokyo to supply military equipments to Manila. Although the Philippine Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin stated
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