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[pic] Japan Geography Japan is about the same size as California. Japan is made up of many islands. The four largest islands in Japan are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku. Japan forms an arc in the Pacific Ocean. Japans total area is about 378,000 square kilometers. About 75% of Japans land is mountains. Japans highest mountain is Mount Fuji at 3776 meters. Japan has several volcanic regions and 80 volcanoes are considered active. Mount Fuji hasn’t erupted since 1707 and is considered capable of erupting again in our lifetime. To the east of Japan is the Pacific Ocean and to the west is the Sea of Japan. Being in the middle of these two bodies of water has its advantages. Japan has a great abundance of fish! The climate in Japan…show more content…
The official language of Japan is Japanese. Many Japanese can also speak English to an extent. At almost all their meals the Japanese drink tea and eat rice. In Japan fish is most used for meals. The two most major religions that are practiced in Japan are Shinto and Buddhism. Japanese society imposes strong expectations on women and men. Women are expected to marry in their 20’s, and take on the role of a house mom. They play a strong role in raising their children. Japanese are very strict about education. Students must attend 9 years of school then attend a University. Students who attend a University have a better rate of getting a good job than the others. Japan has a rich literary heritage. The country’s literature mostly deals with the quality of human life and never-ending flowing time. Japanese families enjoy one of the highest income levels in the world, and their assets and savings are one of the worlds largest. Japan's economy is one of the largest in the world. Japan's manufactured products range from tiny computer components to giant oceangoing ships. The most important manufactured products include cars and trucks, electronic products, and communications and data processing equipment. Japan has a wide variety of minerals, but supplies of most are too small to satisfy the nation's needs. Japan imports large quantities of coal, copper, iron ore, and petroleum. The chief mining products include coal, copper, gold, lead, nickel, and silver. Japan has a modern

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