Japan Health Care Paper

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Health Status and Health Care Services in Japan
With comparison to the United States

Population and Health Status
While elaborating on health care status and some of the benefits that is offered here in the United States vs Japan. I’ve chosen Japan health care system because of the awesome benefits that is offered in that country by their government. The characteristics of good health, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually involves in how one adjusts to life events and feel about themselves. A healthy person from my perspective is one who can adapt and overcome the overwhelming issues life has to offer especially in our health care system which is almost unbearable to obtain because of the high cost. Unlike Japan, everyone gets health
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Countries that outperform the U.S. address these issues through universal health insurance, stronger primary care systems, payment approaches that minimize billing conflicts, and greater investment in social supports that lead to better health” (Squires,2017).
The Affordable Care Act set in place by President Obama to reduce health care costs and give affordable health insurance to Americans (Landmark,2010). Before the Affordable Care Act existed, many Americans were denied coverage, some because of pre-existing illnesses or injuries, which made it very exhausting for many Americans to get insurance they can afford. (Landmark, 2010). This could lead to a shortness of life expectancy to Americans.
National vital statistics data are collected from birth, death and marriage certificates. Mandatory data collection requirements in the United States provide the most consistent and generally highest quality data available for determining the health status of our population (Williams, 2008). There was an expansion in diabetes related mortality over the previous decade, the expanded mortality shows up for the most part ascribed to the pervasiveness of cardiovascular sicknesses. In this manner, arrangement policy makers should pay more considerations to diabetes essential counteractive action to lessen the rate while additionally setting a need on the burden of cardiovascular sicknesses to decrease the weight of
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