Japan: a Persuasive Research Paper

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As some Japanese strive towards modernization, others are obstructing their efforts my remaining narrow-mindedly adamant upon their obsolete values. One of the major distinguishing characteristics of Japanese society has been the lack of individualism. Japanese people need to justify their existence on the grounds of membership to some sort of group. Be it family, club, or company. Japan is a collectivist society. A collectivist society is concerned with the good of all of the people, and not concerned with the individual’s desires or needs. Everything that the homogeneous country of Japan does strives to benefit the entirety of the community. Unfortunately, their efforts are futile. Their views are completely unrealistic. The…show more content…
Today, the general perspective is that it is almost glorified, because of the ancient Samurai taking the ‘honorable way out’ by taking their own lives. The Japanese view nowadays almost glorifies suicide. The effects of living in such a high-stress society are extreme, but the causes are just as bad. Japanese life circles around education. “Because Japan is such a competitive society, it’s not uncommon for children, even of nursery school age, to be attending a kind of cram school so that they can attend, or be admitted to, a prestigious primary school. Education and the pursuit of education becomes sort of the defining characteristic of a child’s life. The time for play is limited”(Bestor and Hardacre). So, from birth, people are conditioned to conform to severe educational values of their society. Stress from education is the leading cause of suicide for people under the age of 19. In the education system, there are strict rules and regulations that all pupils must abide by. “Common expressions in Japanese reflect these steps: kata ni hairu (follow the form), kata ni jukutatsu suru (perfect the form). and kata kara nukeru (go beyond the form). All practice takes place in an atmosphere of quietude, obedience, and respect, mirroring the absolute obedience and respect of the master-student relationship” (Davies). Pressure about schooling is not difficult to find. Parents pressure their sons and daughters.

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