Japan and Japanese Culture Essay

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Japan is a large island off to the east of China it is a great country that has a rich culture. The Japanese religion is based off of two main beliefs, the belief in Shinto and Buddhism many Japanese people believe consider themselves both. The Japanese people were known to be around as early as 4,500 B.C. They have constructed their government style to a constitutional monarchy where they do in fact have an emperor, but he has limited power within the country. The main power of the country is held by the Prime Minister of Japan. Japan is made up of many islands that extend along the Pacific coast of Asia. The land area is made up of a lot of forest and mountainous area that cannot be used for agricultural, industrial or residential use. …show more content…
This allowed the Samurai to not be afraid of death which in turn allowed the Samurai to be the greatest fighting warrior. The Samurai went into battle fearless thus making them a very difficult foe to defeat. The Samurai became known as one of the best fighters from horseback and on the ground. They carried with them into battle a long sword and a short sword. The long sword was known as the Katana and the short sword was known as the Wakizashi. With these two weapons it made the Samurai even more deadly. Japans Government consists of a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary government. This means that they do in fact have an emperor, but he has no power or control in the government system of Japan. The emperor acts as an observer and a ceremonial figure to the people. He is there to let the Japanese retain their cultural values, but has no power to control or tell the people what to do. The Japanese government is a democratic one in which is ruled by the parliament. This is also known as the Diet to Japanese people. The real leader who is in charge of the Japanese government is the prime minister. The prime minister is chosen by the emperor of Japan after being selected by the Diet. The prime minister must make the House of Representatives happy in order to stay in power. The Japanese government is much like the American government they have a judicial system, a Supreme Court, a House of Representatives, a constitution, and a bill of rights. Japan is made up
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