Japan 's Attack On Pearl Harbor

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According to the article “Japan Launches” more than 3,500 Americans were killed or wounded during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Most people say that the attack on Pearl Harbor is what brought the U.S. into World War 2 in the first place. That attack on Pearl Harbor impacted America in a multitude of ways. Japan had reasons to attack the United States; the attack on Pearl Harbor does not only impact the Japanese Americans in the United States, the attack also impacted the United States economy. First of all, Japan had reasons to support why they chose to attack the United States. To illustrate my point, Japan could have chosen the United States to attack because the U.S. made Japan interact with other countries during the 1800’s (“Japan Launches”). The U.S. forcing Japan to trade with other countries is significant because the U.S. is changing how the Japanese live, not considering how it would impact the Japanese. The United States also used Japan for trading during the 1800’s. According to the article “Opening Japan”, the U.S. also used Japan to trade more conveniently with California; California was able to trade a great amount with Japan because of its location on the Pacific Ocean. Japan was also a useful location to refuel Americans ships during that time (“Opening Japan”). Ships were important in the 1800’s because their main usage was for trading. Furthermore, Japan is enraged with the decisions that the United States made that impacted the Japanese. An example…
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