Japan 's Energy Challenges, Short Medium Term And Medium Long Term

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ST01: SEB104 Assessment Task
Description: Research Essay

Abstract: An overview of Japan’s energy challenges, short-medium term and medium-long term. An overview of the industry structure and historical business orientation. A search for solutions that covers the potential for dynamic pricing and industry restructuring, with an overview of the political forces at work

In order to identify the challenges and possible solutions, we must first unlock the disaster itself that is critical juncture. Some recent reports and publications in Japan are emerging two government commission to investigate the accident along the way to hold public hearings. US Nuclear Regulatory Commission also issued a report. When synthesized, these events
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The extent of earthquake damage to the reactor building itself, is still unclear. However, although the reactor building itself has been strengthened to some extent, over the years, the operations center is basically a building wall forty, ceilings, and other structural factors are vulnerable. The vibration frequency of earthquakes is particularly harmful Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Although the massive 9.0 earthquake of real power, it is worth noting that most of the northeastern region most buildings remained relatively intact. For wood construction, the frequency of about 1 second is called "killer pulse" because the building in which the resonance wavelength, zoom sway create catastrophic damage NORTHEAST having from about 0.1 to 0.3 seconds shorter wavelengths. Unfortunately, nuclear facilities, which include massive concrete structures, thick steel reaction chamber, and piping numerous short resonance frequency about 0.02~0.4 seconds. Therefore, Tohoku earthquake just fall within the scope of the resonance frequency of the number of nuclear facilities, prior to the establishment of large-scale destruction of the tsunami. After the earthquake, the Fukushima Daiichi operational headquarters staff quickly transferred to a new operations center in slightly higher ground, aimed to withstand strong
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