Japan 's Foreign Capital Liberalization

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INTRODUCTION In the several decades after the Second World War, the foreign countries took means of the direct investment to Japan, but it present the general trend of the low jumping-off point and limited progress. At the early period of 50s, there are merely two to three million dollars in each year’s scales. The Japanese government formally revealed a large scale of introducing the foreign capital once it implemented the first capital liberalization in 1967. During 1981 to 1986, the total amount invested from foreign countries has reached 42 billion dollars over the period of these 5 years. To compare vertically, years of the investment scale growth tend to rise, but it defer extremely comparing with whatever the amount that Japan …show more content…
The major state of development of field of finance in Japan during the last 30 years.
2. The last half-century, the economy history of Japan so far to date since the World War II.
3. Giving the interpretative statement of Japan economics from macro and micro aspects through integrating the trapped data and materials.
4. Carrying out the entailed general assessment of Japanese economy and offering the outlook for the outside investors’ investment behaviors to Japan.


Postwar Economic Recovery (1946-1955) The second year after the World War II, Japan started embarking on the economy revival. Due to the country was devastated by long term War, the production capacity has been fallen sharply, and also resulted by the huge amounts of military spending in the war which led to the vicious inflation. GDP of 1946 occupied only 65% of prewar cardinal number. There are more than 1300 million unemployed populations in the country. Early 1947, the Japanese government established “ financial warehouse”, providing the loan with low interest to the key industrial department. Thus, Japanese economy has broken out of a slump and on its way to the exploring production at next year, this measure make the whole reconstruction project of economy developed alone the right lines. Nevertheless, this step aggravated the

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