Japan 's World And Technology Leadership

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Although Japan is considered to be the second richest country in the world and technology leadership, notably a unique culture. Japanese cultural progress can not be achieved this height is not affected by the outside world. Using the example in the history of Japan, and it shows, as an isolated country, Japan 's cultural evolution is slow compared to the cultural transmission in their history have played a significant role in other countries. The first big customer of cultural transmission as Japanese culture, which can be found in the recorded history of Japan, during the time of 206 to 700 AD and Japan 's Yayoi Yamato period, AD 200 Japan gradually began trade negotiations with China in the vicinity. There there is a big contrast between Japan and the more modern trading partners. Japan 's Yayoi who is a tribal society, with different tribes distributed in Japan. The main method of food procurement is through simple agricultural, with wooden tools with a simple method of bronze or iron smelting. A key feature of the Yayoi people is its unique pottery style; pottery is pottery wheel, which at the time was a part of the advanced technology to create, but also by a rope pottery clay called Yayoi 's shares, cultural named (Japan 101). This is relative to China. Around 200 AD, when the trading day period, the Chinese civil war is an attempt to unite the three Territories independent kingdom between them; with many public works procurement better water supply, there is also a
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