Japan-the Strange Country

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Japan - the Strange Country

Japan is a small country located in east Asia. The population is around 130,000,000 (one hundred and thirty million) people. The total world population is 6,800,000,000 (six point eight billion), which means that roughly 2 in every 100 people are Japanese. Japan 's land area measures 378,000 (three hundred and seventy-eight thousand) square kilometers. If the earth 's land area is 149,000,000 (one hundred and forty-nine million) square kilometers and the total area is 510,000,000 (five hundred and ten million) square kilometers, then Japan is no bigger than this red dot.

Japan is the most advanced country in Asia. It is second only to America in GDP and it 's proud of its high standard of living
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That 's actually more than four times the 5,900,000 (five point nine million) tons of food that gets sent yearly by eight programs to assist starving nations. Right now, there are 1,000,000,000 (one billion) people in the world suffering from starvation. That 's equal to one in every seven people. And someone in the world dies from starvation every four seconds. Of those who die, more than half are children under five. But despite that, Japanese people will eat as much as they like and simply throw away the rest. So, Japanese cuisine, really is a big deal.

4. Technology Japan is a techonologically advanced nation with bullet trains that reach a speed of 300 (three hundred) kilometers an hour. And mobile friends that can act as a credit card and television all-in-one. Robots that walk like humans? Now truly. There are even restaurants that employ robots to make your RAMEN for you. The toilets in Japan now (lift technological marvels?). The seat warms your bottom. The lid automatically opens and shuts. And if you like, your toilet will even wash your ... and hhh. But for some reasons, old-style Japanese squat toilets still remain popular. Can 't imagine why.

5. Water In Japan, if you turn on the tap, the water that comes out of it is perfectly safe to drink as is. Being an island country, Japan has water in abundance, but despite this, Japan imports huge amounts of mineral water from Europe, like about 580,000 (five
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