Japan under MacArthur

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Japan under MacArthur What were Hiroshima and Nagasaki like before McArthur and after McArthur from a sociological development perspective? Both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were centers of imperial power for Japan. Nagasaki is where the Japanese Navy had a large contingent and reserve force. While Hiroshima, was a vital industrial center for the country. Prior to arrival of MacArthur, these cities were a part of the larger military industrial complex. This meant that they embraced many of the social customs that were common within Japanese society and followed the guidance of the Emperor. He was seen as the supreme ruler who knew the best course of action for Japan to take in the future. During this time, these areas were embracing Japanese customs and traditions which were augmented with the ideas of industrialization. (Takemae, 2003) (Weintraub, 2011) (Griffiths, 2011) After the arrival of McArthur, is when everything changed. This occurred with the Emperor being seen as a figure head and local officials continuing to run the government. Yet, he also introduced the ideas of democracy, total quality management, pacifism and non-violence to these areas. This was intertwined with Japanese cultural traditions. (Takemae, 2003) (Weintraub, 2011) (Griffiths, 2011) As a result, both areas were transformed by highlighting the dangers of major conflicts. Moreover, they were revitalized to reflect the new attitudes of freedom and non-violence that were augmented with traditional
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