Japanese 5s Management

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Faculty of management studies & commerce Department of commerce University of jaffna. Assignment -02 Assignment Title:- Japanese 5s philosophy & its important to environment Registration No:- 2006/C/12 Index No:- C 3066 Course Title:- Environmental Management Course No:- com 4237 Issued On:- Content 01. Introduction to 5s philosophy. 02. The Japanese Management Philosophy. 03. 5S Definitions [Japanese Term]. 04. The 5s pillars. 05. The example of todd sksggs’s Lean Manufacturing company.…show more content…
Set In Order Set In Order focuses on creating efficient and effective storage methods to arrange items so that they are easy to use and to label them so that they are easy to find and put away. Set in Order can only be implemented once the first pillar, Sort, has cleared the work area of unneeded items. Strategies for effective Set In Order include painting floors, affixing labels and placards to designate proper storage locations and methods, outlining work areas and locations, and installing modular shelving and cabinets. Shine Once the clutter that has been clogging the work areas is eliminated and remaining items are organized, the next step is to thoroughly clean the work area. Daily follow-up cleaning is necessary to sustain this improvement. Working in a clean environment enables workers to notice malfunctions in equipment such as leaks, vibrations, breakages, and misalignments. These changes, if left unattended, could lead to equipment failure and loss of production. Organizations often establish Shine targets, assignments, methods, and tools before beginning the shine pillar. Standardize Once the first three 5S’s have been implemented, the next pillar is to standardize the best practices in the work area. Standardize, the method to maintain the first three pillars, creates a consistent approach with which tasks and procedures are
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