Japanese Americans During World War II

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1. Identification and evaluation of sources This investigation will explore the question: To what extent was the interment of the Japanese Americans during World War II based on racism? The first source to be evaluated is The Internment of Japanese Americans, which is a book with a collections of chapters, each with a different accredited authors. Often the authors are Pulitzer Prize winners while others are merely professors that have spent their time writing about the subject they teach about. Because of the many different authors used, each chapter is broken down into different viewpoints. The book provides a wide range of insight on the background of the Japanese American internment camps, the controversy over the internment camps and even personal narratives of people’s stories being taken to court. With each chapter a different viewpoint, the book allows a more omnipotent point of view in order to fully determine to what extent the interment of the Japanese Americans during World War II was based on racism. With all the different authors, the book contained a wide assortment of chapters with people who supported the internment camps and others who didn’t. However because each section had a new author, not all of an author’s point of view may have been developed. While it may argue something, the author may also see the same situation in a different light but may not have been able to developed that idea. The second source to be evaluated is Japanese Americans
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